Justin Lasater – MA, LMLP Neurotherapist

Justin Lasater received his Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology at the University of St. Mary.

He completed an internship at Johnson County Community College where he worked with a college student population on academic and career advising, as well as, life issues and adjustments. Justin also completed an internship working with Midwest-Neurofeedback where he learned various neurofeedback and biofeedback modalities. He has training in mindfulness- based techniques, cognitive and behavioral therapy, and advanced neurofeedback and biofeedback modalities.

Justin specializes in treating children and adults with sleep disorders/issues, children with ADHD and other behavioral issues, adults with various psychological issues, and alleviating anxiety symptoms. He also has a solid knowledge base of various parenting techniques and styles to help support the family system as the child’s brain makes improvements.

Justin possess a strong musical background. His goals include progressive utilization of state of the art technology in the fusion of music and biofeedback to effect positive changes in brainwave patterns. Justin recognizes the importance of a holistic approach to treatment, examining the various dynamics contributing to an individual’s discomforting symptoms. He believes that no one client has the same needs as another and deserves an approach as unique as they are.