What is the danger of low testosterone levels in men, and how to increase it

Testosterone is the primary male hormone that regulates all systems of the body. It is generated by the testicles, every 2 hours there is a release of testosterone into the bloodstream. This hormone regulates the reproductive system and sexual life, promotes concentration, increases endurance, stimulates the cardiovascular system.

Up to 35 years of age, the lack of testosterone in men is rare, even if there are diseases or poor lifestyle. But after this milestone, production is significantly reduced, which negatively affects the quality of life.

Decrease in testosterone in men: causes

There can be many reasons, and only a doctor will name the exact cause. But most often, the decrease in testosterone is caused by age-related changes (it usually becomes noticeable after 40 years), chronic thyroid diseases, taking antibiotics, excessive use of alcohol, and smoking.

Poor lifestyle, malnutrition, and constant stress can reduce the production of the hormone, also among non-obvious reasons are close, uncomfortable underwear, and overheating of the testicles.

Another common cause is that the cholesterol levels of a man are too high. There are a number of foods that lead to testosterone deficiency, among them: sugar in confectionery and beverages, especially in large quantities; salt, especially in sauces, ketchup, seasonings and so on; soy products are sausages, smoked; alcohol; coffee fast food, snacks, and other similar products.

Frequent stress, overwork, and lack of food also lead to a decrease in the hormone.

Low testosterone levels in men: symptoms

The symptoms are quite common and are inherent in many other diseases and problems. But usually, when the level of the hormone is lowered, there are:

  • Erection problems. The hormone is responsible for sexual attraction, and the smaller it is, the lower the libido of a man. It also decreases the amount (and quality, but it is impossible to understand it independently) sperm, reduced testicles in size. Patients can temporarily improve their erectile function by taking medications like Cialis, which allow having erection up to 36 hours. However, this treatment will not eliminate the real cause of the disorder, as reported by ViaQX online drugstore.
  • Baldness also occurs due to low testosterone synthesis, but usually, this trait accompanies aging.
  • Reduced muscle and bone mass. Testosterone is responsible for these indicators. If it is not enough, muscle volumes decrease, and bones can become more brittle.
  • Irritability, nervousness – also indicators of low testosterone. Sleep problems – insomnia, frequent night awakenings, excessive drowsiness in the morning.
  • Weight gain in the abdomen.
  • Hot flashes of heat and nausea for no apparent reason.
  • Mood swings, depression. Increased sentimentality, which is uncharacteristic for a man.
  • Laziness, apathy.

That is, the lack of testosterone in men is largely accompanied by the same signs as menopause in women. And if the cause was age-related changes, it indicates the beginning of male menopause. But sometimes such symptoms occur in young people.


Only a doctor based on diagnosis can determine that testosterone is lowered. The process assesses the physical shape of the man, bone density, blood tests, and symptoms that bother the person being studied as well. In most cases, low testosterone levels in young men are easily adjustable.

In adulthood, this is more difficult, but you can maintain a sufficient level of it. You can notice low testosterone on one sign – morning erection. If it was daily, and now comes less and less, it is a clear sign of lack of testosterone in men, and then it’s time to change lifestyle.


The most common treatment prescribed by a doctor is substitution therapy. It uses gels, pills, parenteral therapy. Such therapy helps at different ages, and low testosterone levels in men begin to increase markedly in 4-6 weeks.