Neurofeedback, also called Brainwave or EEG Biofeedback, is a learning process that enables an individual, with the assistance from a trained professional to alter and control their brainwaves. Simply put, neurofeedback is biofeedback for the brain. The only exception, however, is where more traditional forms of biofeedback are used to teach people skills that may only be used in specific situations (i.e.learning to decrease autonomic arousal during a panic attack), the goal of EEG biofeedback is to actually retrain the brain.

Health care professionals from around the world neurofeedback to treat a number of conditions involving problems with attention, cognition, mood and behavior. There are two major approaches utilized in neurofeedback: alpha/theta and SMR/beta trainings. Together, neurofeedback is used as both a treatment for many psychological and physical problems, and as a learning tool for enhancing attention, performance and creativity. Although neurofeedback is not the “cure-all and end-all” treatment, it is a relatively new and exciting treatment that has shown clinical efficacy with a variety of conditions.