Three Ways Trauma Changes the Brain

The treatment of trauma can be some of the most complex work practitioners face. And for years, this challeng

Former Broncos Seek Concussion Relief Through Neurofeedback

DENVER (CBS4)– About a dozen former Denver Broncos, some from the Orange Crush era, are taking part in a res

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Evidence of Neurofeedback Effectiveness

Studies from around the world have demonstrated the effectiveness of neurofeedback in treating a variety of conditions and in enhancing abilities.

A study at London’s Royal College of Music (2006), for example, illustrated the beneficial effects of neurofeedback on musical ability. In a controlled study, subjects receiving neurofeedback were judged significantly better than control subjects on measures of musical understanding, stylistic precision and imaginative interpretation. To date, the areas with the most empirical research involve ADHD, addictions, anxiety disorders, autistic spectrum disorders, depression and seizure disorders. Numerous controlled studies, including a recent study published in Pediatrics (2006), have documented the effective use of neurofeedback in the treatment of ADHD, anxiety, autism, chronic pain, traumatic brain injury, depression, learning disabilities, neurodevelopmental difficulties and migraines. In addition to controlled studies, evidence for the effectiveness of neurofeedback comes from an extensive number of clinical studies. A comprehensive bibliography on the research on neurofeedback can be obtained at