Susan Hayes, RN, MS, LPC

Susan has a Master’s degree in School Counseling from University of Central Missouri, and is licensed in both Kansas and Missouri as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Nurse.

susanShe brings a varied background of over 35 years of work and life experience. As a labor and delivery nurse she helped couples begin their transition into parenthood; as a nurse administrator helped nurses to manage their workload while providing a caring environment; and, as a mental health nurse helped adolescents and adults to cope with and adjust to, their changing world.

Her interest in continuing to work in a helping/healing capacity led her into the counseling domain, and she worked as a School Counselor in public schools. This gave her the opportunity to work with the increasing number of adolescents struggling from the strain of dealing with anxiety, depression, academic and social pressures, ineffective medications, and school phobia.

After retiring from school counseling, Susan wanted to continue helping others. Always having an interest in the brain and neuroscience led her to investigate the benefits of neurofeedback and its noninvasive, self-healing properties. Believing that it had the potential to help increase personal effectiveness, and re-balance the brain, she completed a concentrated training program in Neurofeedback, thus expanding her knowledge and skills. Her practice includes traditional and 4-channel neurofeedback. Susan finds it an honor to help others regain their balance and to move forward more fully engaged in their life experiences.